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https://bit.ly/2EybtSA version-1.2.0-TableFlip.zip

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iMac https://macpkg.icu/?id=58033&kw=UMYWIK_TABLEFLIP_VER._1.5.0.PKG | 11402 kbytes |
Best! version https://macpkg.icu/?id=58033&kw=version_1.4.0_TableFlip_MSO.zip | 10452 kbytes |
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Software key 1.2.0 TableFlip

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Here’s TableFlip:
A few weeks ago indie developer Christian Tietze released a new app called Table Flip that simplifies the process of making tables in Markdown. A few days ago I was working on a project where I had an excuse to use the app and it's great. Table Flip replaces a poorly written script I was using to make Markdown tables that felt like it was held together by rubber bands and scotch tape. Now I use Table Flip. My only gripe is the text size, which is too small. I understand that's getting fixed soon.
Back in the times when cross-platform shareware was available for Windows & Mac, a single license key would unlock the app on both platforms. My friends at Texts do it this way to this day, still. It's an honest approach. It's just that we developers cannot do this on iOS.
After you create your table you can update the underlying Markdown file or the table preview and both the TableFlip and Markdown files update automatically. I like setting up the table in TableFlip to begin, and then going back to the Markdown file for quick changes.
Work at Lightning Speed: TableFlip helps you get your table finished in no time: thanks to auto-growing tables, you don’t even need to adjust the table size when you tab around the table!
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