for 10.11 how download 1.0 Gravity Badgers

Wales Interactive Gravity Badgers Games Arcade 209920 KB


Step into the space suit of valiant gravity badger Captain T Bayback in Gravity Badgers as he ventures into the deadly depths of deep space to save his friends, family and the universe itself from the threat of the deadly Evil Honey Badgers, aka the Hellsett. For the first time EVER a game unites the thrilling elements of Badgers and Gravity to create a stunningly presented physics-based puzzle game that will take you beyond the realms of possibility, imagination and logic to the star-dusted realm of the GRAVITY BADGERS! Throw yourself into the planets' gravity, dodge asteroids and unyielding deadly bosses in over a hundred levels of vacuum-filled adventure and danger, all united under a stunning art style reminiscent of all your favourite 80's cartoons complete with a thumping mullet rock soundtrack! The game has highly addictive physics-based action with 140 challenging levels that will keep bringing you back for more. And if that wasn’t enough it also has five big boss levels including the giant Space Worm, the deadly Doomsphere and five Gravity Badger characters to unlock. Couple this with an amazing soundtrack and awesome graphics; this really makes Gravity Badgers a quality game that you’ll keep coming back to. - Awesome physics based Gravity Badger mayhem - Over 140 levels of Gravity Badger action - Ten characters & five Boss levels - Stunning HD Graphics​ - Wicked soundtrack

Updated for MacOS | 251904 kbytes |
New! version | 186828 kbytes |
for MacBook | 186828 kbytes |

Wales Interactive
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Updated to 10.14 UCTXUQ_V.1.3_BORDERLANDS_2:_CAPTAIN_SCARLETT.TAR.GZ {11264 kb} 1.1
Updated to iMac Pro AVGZ-1.3-DEW.PKG {11776 kb} 1.4
for 10.13.5 FDQMM.V.3.7.DOUBLECOMMAND.TAR.GZ {193 kb} 1.11
Updated MacOS {994804 kb} 4.1.10

| 233011 kbytes | Software VLD1Y 1.2 GRAVITY BADGERS 2.0 Recomended iMac Pro
| 212019 kbytes | Get dZr2l Gravity Badgers v 3.0 1.2 Featured! version
| 243507 kbytes | App 2.0 GRAVITY BADGERS 3MOS7C 1.1 New! version
| 237209 kbytes | V.1.2 GRAVITY BADGERS GXX 1.3 Updated MacBook

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