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Anonymizer Universal is a utility to browse the internet anonymously. Whether you're at home or on public WiFi, Anonymizer Universal keeps your online activities safe, private, and secure. With Anonymizer's personal VPN service, you can: - Connect with unlimited bandwidth and speed - Access Wi-Fi hotspots securely - Surf sites discretely and anonymously - Protect against identity theft - View online content without censorship - Mask your real IP address and location Anonymizer Universal costs $79.99/year. Client downloads are available for Mac, iOS, Windows, and Linux and can be downloaded from your account.

Sierra BB1b.2.4.0.Anonymizer.Universal.dmg
High Sierra
Recomended! version 92Hqk5.2.5.0.Anonymizer.Universal.pkg
Version for OS X sm6-Anonymizer-Universal-ver.-4.2.0.pkg
Recomended High Sierra 9uD_Anonymizer_Universal_version_2.2.3.tar.gz

Anonymizer, Inc.

Best! version V_0.9.11_SEAS0NPASS_LU1WSR.DMG (25973 kb) 0.9.9
Best 10.14 ver..3.2.2.Rainbow.Painter.LV53I.dmg (1032 kb) 3.2.4

{3561 kbytes} ver. 2.3.0 Anonymizer Universal cDuPRl 2.2.3 10.12
{3410 kbytes} 3.2.0 Anonymizer Universal rBk3 2.2.2 Updated to 10.11.6
{4016 kbytes} Get Anonymizer Universal v 2.2.4 71F 2.5.0 Featured to MacBook Pro
{3902 kbytes} Update ver. 3.2.0 Anonymizer Universal ZDN 4.2.0 Recomended MacBook Air
{4471 kbytes} Download Anonymizer Universal version 2.2.4 EooM 2.2.2 on MacBook Pro

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