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https://j.mp/2X1IgGO version 2.6.4 MyAddress

The screenshot shows the application with a newly created, empty address book.
Or you can use a Sharing Extension to create an email from the Photos app.
Execute all Scenarios from Feature
You can also make your address book available to other providers upon request.
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This particular verification point is stored as an XML file, containing two property comparisons for email, and phone number of the newly inserted entry. You can see it in the Test Case Resources window in the VPs tab, as well as open it in an editor from there. We begin by starting the application with a call to the startApplication function. The name we pass as a string is the name registered with Squish (normally the name of the executable). Then we obtain a reference to the NSTableView. The object name we used was not put in the Object Map when the tst_general test case was recorded, so we recorded a dummy test to make sure the name was added—we could just as easily have used the Spy of course. We then copied the name from the Object Map into our code. The waitForObject function waits until an object is ready (visible and enabled) and returns a reference to it—or it times out and raises a catchable exception. We have used a symbolic name to access the table—these are the names that Squish uses when recording tests—rather than a real/multi-property name. It is best to use symbolic names where possible because if any AUT object name changes, with symbolic names we just have to update the Object Map (Section 7.11), without needing to change our test code. Once we have the table reference we can use it to access any of the NSTableView's public methods and properties. How do I send several photos at a time to a MailShot group? Importing a distribution list from Outlook TIP: For mac, you may find a free app called Email List Maker useful- it strips all the email addresses out of a block of text, and creates a list which MailShot can import. For complete coverage of verification points, see How to Create and Use Verification Points (Section 5.22) in the User Guide (Chapter 5). squishrunner --testsuite suite_py --testcase tst_general Create a new subdirectory inside the test suite directory. For example, inside the SQUISHDIR/examples/mac/addressbook/suite_py directory, create the tst_general directory.

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