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BBEditIncredibly feature-rich text/code editor for a multitude of languages. It especially shines as html editor and has so many useful functionalities that I won’t even start to go into details. It’s one of those apps where, when you’re new to it, you’ll discover a new feature literally each day of the first month(s). Unless you have read the 376 pages of the manual on the first day. (And they are one of the rare companies that keep the documentation up to date!)This thing exists since decades, and by the feature set and how each feature is implemented you notice that it has matured over WriterMinimalist and absolutely ingenious plaintext/Markdown editor and processor. Good iCloud sync with the iOS version. I love it!Marked 2Live Markdown previewer for any text file; with many features. Very wordNicely designed markdown/text editor with iCloud sync to iOS. Currently I’m using iA Writer (see above) more often.TextMate 2This one started a new era of text editors on the One 2Diary/journal. Very nice and clean UI design. Understands Markdown. Perfectly working sync with Day One for iOS. Basically this is a hybrid of note-taking and writing app that saves your entries in a chronological structure. Some journal-typic extra features are automatic geotagging, passcode lock and a menu bar item for quick entries.I’m a bit scared by the crazy price tag of the new Mac version (February 2016) and the fact that they switched from (a perfectly working) iCloud sync to a proprietary sync “Traditional” text editor with two modes. This allows you to move through the text without modifier keys. If you have the practice this results in very fast (and finger-friendly) editing. Can also be installed via problem with Vim is: I spend more time configuring all the plugins than actually producing text ????Multimarkdown Quicklook GeneratorQuickLook plugin for ltimarkdownThe original Multimarkdown processor. Command-line tool, can be installed via larizedSophisticated color theme, compatible with various apps, like MacVim, BBEdit, TextWrangler, Xcode, Terminal. Also as color palette for Photoshop or the system color uAnother nice Markdown editor. I know, there are many Markdown editors in this list ???? See also diff tools in Scripting/Developing
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| 5734 kb | Download RJHUOY TEMBO VERS 2.2 3.3 Version to OS X
| 6651 kb | App version 2.2.3 Tembo UkfEf 3.3 10.14.3
| 6422 kb | Download qKJKx vers.2.2.2 Tembo 2.2.3 Updated to MacOS
| 5045 kb | App CTSA VERS.2.4 TEMBO 2.7 Recomended on El Captan
| 4816 kb | Get Tembo 2.6 geHt 2.1.4 MacBook Pro
| 5734 kb | App OQT 2.1.4 TEMBO 3.3 New to Mac mini
| 5504 kb | Download Tembo ver 2.1.4 KfvmAg 3.3 Featured on iMac Pro

Best! version BRAVE_V. [95453 KB]
for Mojave fxG-3.0.9-DreamShot.pkg [7904 KB] 3.0.8
Version MacBook Pro UPm5_ver._2017.11_NeoOffice.dmg [283504 KB] 2017.14

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