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- When auto-playing, pedal scroll will only scroll two lines up/down
Annual General Meeting 2017
Online annual report 2018: Staying in motion
While it may not have the popularity, it's still more prevalent in the industry than the others, such as Fade In or Highland.

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New on 10.14.1 | 29500 KB |

- Filter for multiple tags
If you use the command line, you probably already know that you can open files in the Terminal app. Just type the open command, followed by a space then the full path to the file, then press Return. Your command should look like this:
- Display music sheets (master or alternate versions) to other musicians
- lefty support: show chords in reverse string order for left-handed players
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You can visit the official website of CloneSpy and download the program here.
What a Pro Writing App is NOT
- Fix tapping playlist title to open/close playlists

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