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For sure there are cheaper scanners out there. Honestly, I wouldn’t mess with them. If you are serious about going paperless, then I highly recommend investing some money in a high-quality scanner. It’s an investment in your sanity and WILL save you time and money in the long run.
This project has been around since 2015, and there's lots of people using it. For some reason, it's really popular in Germany -- maybe someone over there can clue me in as to why?
When you get a paper receipt, it’s time to scan it. I have Scanbot set to open to the camera (Advanced Settings → Start with Camera) so that there is no delay in scanning. It does a great job of catching the page edges automatically. Once you have the image scanned, you can crop it, add an image filter, or rotate it. Once I hit Save in the top right, it is uploaded to my cloud service of choice. And, if you want to upload it to multiple locations or send it as an email, you can do that as well.
Alternately, to perform a manual uninstall on Windows you just need to delete the file and your file from your Templates folder. Word will automatically regenerate a new file. The Templates folder is usually located at:
Everything in the Pro version is automatic. Color and source detection avoids the need to manually switch between ADF, Flatbed, color, or black & white scans, as the optimal storage format for each page is automatically chosen.
The file format you’ll want to use in the “file option” tab is PDF. That’s the standard at this point so I recommend just going with it.
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New for 10.13
Featured on MacBook Air
Best on 10.12

Alternatively, until Version 3 is released, one could use ScanSnap Home to save to the desktop then drag and drop the pdf into Paperless. It's not the most elegant solution but should work for now. High Sierra compatible! Mac users have more than a dozen such options in the $300–$500 price range. I’ve been very happy with several different Fujitsu ScanSnap models I’ve used (my current pick would be the semi-portable ScanSnap S1300), but scanners with comparable features and prices are also available from companies like Canon, Epson, The Neat Company, Visioneer, and Xerox. Android Creatas/Creatas/Getty Images Reduces printer, office supply and administration costs. MailButler 2.1 LinkedIn Profile: View

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| 28812 kb | Paperless v 3.3.3 721Wl 3.0.7 Version to Mojave
| 27771 kb | Download VER. 3.0.5 PAPERLESS 50TU2P 3.2.3 Updated version

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