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Prison Mayhem finds Bluto devastated on discovering the shameful truth about his family's Mafia background. His choice - to follow the righteous path against all odds - takes him to the Prison. Help him be the ultimate Prison guard in this exciting Time Management game! Manage the most wanted!Take over the most deadly Prisons in the country and make them crime free! Maintain order in the Prison and make sure your rules are followed. Supervise the behavior of Thugs, Drug dealers, Burglars and various other inmates. Use your force to search your prison for contraband and get rid of them. Let the mayhem take over!The manhunt is on! Do all you can to make sure no prisoners escape on your watch. When prisoners lose their patience, they'll flee before you even know it. Manage the prisoners coming in with the alarming increase in crime rate and keep your state safe. Help Bluto as he reforms criminals and makes them turn over a new leaf. Prepare yourself for the workplace from hell!Working in a prison is not for everyone! Muster up the courage for your posting in Al-Catz-Ratz and Robbin Island. Upgrade your prison with the latest equipment to manage the increasing crowd. Stop fights between inmates in time and prevent them from harming others. Lead them to a better life and be their hero! Features: - Play 50 exciting levels in Story or Life Sentence mode - Experience 5 different kinds of prison islands - Upgrade your prison with 56 exciting equipments - Guard 14 different types of prisoners with unique characteristics - Control 16 different activities in the prison - Unlock 12 Achievements

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{182476 kb} App ia9 Prison Mayhem ver 1.7.1 1.5.1 to 10.14.3
{136857 kb} Free Prison Mayhem ver. 1.4.5 Y1b9S 1.4.4 New for El Captan
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{157132 kb} App v 1.4.3 Prison Mayhem rSaHW 1.5.1 New! version
{184166 kb} Download Prison Mayhem vers 3.4.1 WshIEb 1.4.2 New on 10.14.2
{140236 kb} Update Prison Mayhem ver. 1.4.5 QfeJ 1.4.2 Best! version
{190924 kb} Get FN9G PRISON MAYHEM VERS 1.7.1 3.4.1 for MacOS

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