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vers.0.91 Broomstick

Broomstick is the easiest way to hide menubar icons that you don't like. While most apps that create a menubar icon allow you to hide it, some apps don't provide this option. Broomstick lets you take back control of your menubar, by letting you hide these offending icons! Additionally, Broomstick lets you control the order of icons in your menubar. Broomstick can currently hide the following apps: Air Video Server, Avira, BetterTouchTool, Boom, CPU Speed Accelerator, Caffeine, Chronicle Mini, ChronoSync, Click.to, CloudApp, CrashPlan, Dimmer, DropCopy, Dropbox, Droplr, Evernote, Flutter, Flux, FullControlHelper, Garmin ANT Agent, Google Drive, GrabBox, GrabBox2, Growl, GrowlTunes, Hiss, Insync, Kuvva, Last.fm, LogMeIn, LogMeIn Hamachi, Memeo Backup, MiddleClick, MuteCon, NoSleepHelper, Nocturne, OpenDNS Updater, PleaseSleep, PuntoSwitcher, Quiet Read, RemotelessHelper, Seamless, SnagIt, Splashtop Streamer, Spotlight, ToDoHelper, Wakoopa Tracker, Wallpaper Clocks, iTeleport Connect. If you would like to request another app be able to be hidden, then this can be done from within Broomstick.

Featured iMac broomstick.vers.1.91.f2ufh.tar.gz
Best! version arilm2_broomstick_0.94.dmg
Version on MacOS h7mRA-Broomstick-0.95.app
Recomended OS X LjT-0.92-Broomstick.dmg

Official site: http://www.zibity.com/broomstick

Version El Captan Filemail_vers_2.42_w35GmX.tar.gz [7976 kb] 2.35
Best El Captan TGJF_PDF_Edit_Express_v_1.1.5.zip [7446 kb] 1.1.7
New! version 1.4.3-FAangband-YwEg.app [34437 kb] 1.7.2
New to Mac iGlasses.v. [14105 kb] 3.4.13

[362 KB] BROOMSTICK VERS.0.94 896EE 0.92 New MacOS
[397 KB] Download YYNRU BROOMSTICK VERS 1.91 0.92 Recomended! version
[345 KB] Download vers.0.95 Broomstick VYDpP 1.91 Featured! version

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