CalendarPlus for Outlook 1.6.2 how install working safe version

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CalendarPlus for Outlook 1.6.2

CalendarPlus for Outlook is a simple calendar which allows users to access Outlook Calendar faster, and without the need for a web browser. Users will be able to add events quickly and sync them right away. Features - Easy to add events and share with friends - Open multiple windows with Cmd-N and browse more calendars - Open app from status menu bar - Define a hotkey to open app faster from keyboard - Chat over Skype by using the app - Use custom app buttons to make operations easier - Open app at login - Print calendars

for 10.14.2 mzoe8r-1.5.5-calendarplus-for-outlook.pkg [7047 KB]
Recomended OS X [6289 KB]
Updated High Sierra [7274 KB]

Official site:

Mac mini (125030 KB) 1.9.1
New to 10.12.4 V. (3046 KB)

ver 1.6.1 CalendarPlus for Outlook Hnx 1.8.2 for Sierra
App VER. 1.6.5 CALENDARPLUS FOR OUTLOOK 1FS88Z 1.7.2 Version El Captan
Free CALENDARPLUS FOR OUTLOOK V 1.5.3 MDPYG3 2.6.2 New 10.13.4
Software lt3v CalendarPlus for Outlook version 1.5.3 1.8.2 Recomended El Captan
Free 1.6.4 CalendarPlus for Outlook 3JYyL 1.6.6 Featured! version
App v 1.6.1 CalendarPlus for Outlook U8x3rC 1.9.2 New OS X
Download CZ9VU 1.6.1 CALENDARPLUS FOR OUTLOOK 3.6.2 Best iMac Pro

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