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MailStward Pro's search options make it easy to find the message you need.
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It took me at least four days to get all mails from Apple Mail archived; I have around 48.000 valid mails and some 40000 spam/ad mails; Mailsteward archived my 48.000 'real' mails and left the spam mailboxes. Now I have a databse of arounf 8 Gb (with all attachments included) and this does make me feel more safe ... now only how to archive this big database again ... :-)
Excellent tagging and filtering possibilities
I had one issue with the bash command spitting out weird errors. I got around that thusly:

10.11.5 https://macpkg.icu/?id=17321&kw=w18Wk-MailSteward-vers-13.6.zip {7381 kbytes}
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How to prepare your Mac for the macOS Mojave public beta Archiving Messages The modern features, mail steward is sure to help its users by effectively managing all the emails and messages. [ task1 waitUntilExit ]; I have been using the latest Xcode for development. I have the box checked to “Automatically manage signing”. When I archive to produce a signed copy of the latest version of MailSteward, it compiles and links without any error messages. I have assumed that all was well. NSFileManager *manager = [NSFileManager defaultManager]; Clicking on the Remove Schedule button will delete the existing MailSteward schedule. Once the time comes for Mojave to release to the public, you can install it from the Mac App store.

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