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Dispatch is a powerful, feature-rich booking management tool for the chauffeur service, limousine hire, and private hire industry. Features - Record the details of all your drivers and vehicles, including all associated documentation - Receive reminders when important documents are due for renewal (e.g., insurance, MOTs, and licenses) - Record the details of all your account customers and regular passengers, including contact details, booking preferences and regular addresses - Receive bookings via a fully featured web booking form that can be integrated directly into your own web site - Manage your bookings using a variety of tools including list and calendar (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly) views - Manage your bookings when out of the office using a mobile friendly web portal - Give your account customers access to their bookings via the web portal so that they can create, view and amend their bookings directly - Send professional confirmations for bookings to your passengers, bookers or drivers by either email or SMS - Quickly and easily allocate work to your drivers using drag-and-drop - Receive warnings of potential conflicts with drivers and vehicles when allocating work - Dispatch bookings directly to your drivers using the Dispatch driver app - Generate professional invoices and driver payslips - Generate numerous financial and management reports

Updated OS X I4WOzJ_Dispatch_vers.7.43.000.app {140744 KB}
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Recomended on Mojave 1LX.VERS.4.6.DOCKMOD.DMG [10157 KB] 4.4
New to 10.14 ver-2.3-Desktop-Verse-c1WYtX.tar.gz [2568 KB] 3.1
Best 10.12.4 iCal-Reply-Checker-version-1.4.3-IayoYE.tar.gz [651 KB] 3.4.0
Version to 10.13.5 QnFJgF_iCal-Reply-Checker-version-1.4.3-IayoYE.tar.gz.pkg [133857 KB] 3.4.0
Recomended on 10.11.6 x5hvy_Rotater_ver_7.3.dmg [179 KB] 6.3
Updated Mojave Star_Wars:_Knights_of_the_Old_Republic_II_1.0.4_2lvb96.dmg [7889486 KB] 1.3.2

Dispatch vers 8.23.000 Nyj1Q 8.09.000 Updated 10.14
Software FORJO V.7.43.000 DISPATCH 7.59.000 Recomended 10.13.4
Get UYW2YK DISPATCH 8.29.000 10.26.000 Best 10.12.5

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