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Changes in PeptideShaker 0.26.2 (March 6. 2014): Can mzIdentML result files and PRIDE XML result files together be submitted for a Complete PX Submission? Easybuild NEW FEATURE: Added a settings pop up menu to the WelcomeDialog. BUG FIX: Fixed a icon image bug that occurred if one used the New Project option in the main frame. FEATURE IMPROVEMENT: Non-html characters are now escaped when exporting to protein descriptions in mzIdentML files.

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NEW FEATURE: Added the handling of hide/star properties in the export options.
We present a statistical model to estimate the accuracy of peptide assignments to tandem mass (MS/MS) spectra made by database search applications such as SEQUEST. Employing the expectation maximization algorithm, the analysis learns to distinguish correct from incorrect database search results, computing probabilities that peptide assignments to spectra are correct based upon database search scores and the number of tryptic termini of peptides. Using SEQUEST search results for spectra generated from a sample of known protein components, we demonstrate that the computed probabilities are accurate and have high power to discriminate between correctly and incorrectly assigned peptides. This analysis makes it possible to filter large volumes of MS/MS database search results with predictable false identification error rates and can serve as a common standard by which the results of different research groups are compared.
LIBRARY UPDATE: Added swingx 0.9.1 as a dependency, was only a transitive dependency before.
Give the USB stick a name then click Erase.
NEW FEATURE: Added a new tag to the search engine agreement columns. Orange is now used to indicate that one of the search engines failed to identify a spectrum that was identified by the other search engines used.
LIBRARY UPDATE: Updated utilities to version 3.10.67.
PyMOL script for retrieving hydrogen bond characteristics from protein structures

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