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https://aasdilk.blogspot.com/?go=aHR0cHM6Ly9tYWNwa2cuaWN1Lz9pZD00OTA0MiZzPTRwb3J0Zm9saW8ma3c9U0VORExBVEVSK1ZFUlMuMS4yLjU= SENDLATER VERS.1.2.5

You want to send an email blast at at a time when you won’t be there to press send. Fix bug: If you edited a previously scheduled draft, and then later composed a new message, it was possible for the default scheduled delivery time in the compose window to be initialized to the scheduled time for the previously edited draft, rather than to the current time. Right click on each one and select “Properties…”. Because the removal of the cheating code meant it was no longer possible to make both of these buttons work every time the dialog was opened, Send Later’s code was modified to display only the button that will actually work properly. Try scheduling a message with Send Later again and see if the problem is gone. Maciej Kobuszewski (pl)
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Recomended iMac https://macpkg.icu/?id=49042&kw=1.4.5-SENDLATER-WQD.TAR.GZ [331 KB]
Recomended! version https://macpkg.icu/?id=49042&kw=5ah-SendLater-ver.-1.3.5.zip [435 KB]

Software key 1.2.5 SendLater

Some versions of Thunderbird being used in a locale that uses UTF-8 (i.e., non-ASCII) characters were garbling the display of dates in the send button in the prompt window. This has been fixed. A dynamic function implements recurrence by putting a recurrence specification string in the “nextspec” variable before the function returns. The recurrence specification does one of two things: either it specifies a recurrence type that Send Later knows how to handle internally, after which the dynamic function is “out of the loop” for subsequent deliveries of the message and doesn’t get called again; or it tells Send Later to continue calling it each time the message needs to be rescheduled. Starting with its version 3.4.0, the Mail Merge add-on supports Send Later 3! Instructions for using Mail Merge with Send Later 3 can be found here. (Note: Just to be clear, support for Send Later 3 in Mail Merge required changes to Mail Merge, not changes in Send Later 3. I’m not trying to take credit for the most excellent work of the author of the Mail merge add-on; I’m just letting people know that you can now use Mail Merge with Send Later 3.) Changes since 3.3.8: Organized ideas = Organized mind. Add reminders and notes to your emails, share with your team and sync them with your favourite productivity app - all without leaving your inbox. daily – Send the message once per day. Get started today! WCAG compliance without tradeoffs for the mainstream user

to 10.11.6 1.7_REGROUP_ME_GH7.ZIP | 3988 kb | 1.6
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