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v.2.2.11 CustomReader

CustomReader is a Safari 6 extension that lets you easily customize the look of Safari Reader. You can change basic formatting options, such as font and color, in an easy-to-use settings panel. For greater control, the Advanced tab of the panel lets you edit a custom stylesheet to override any built-in CSS rule or property of Safari Reader. In addition, you can have CustomReader automatically activate Safari Reader whenever you visit pages that you specify. (You do so by specifying regular expressions to match specific URLs.)

to 10.13.4 (145 kb)
Recomended! version CUSTOMREADER.VERS. (126 kb)
New MacOS AY1.V.3.2.11.CUSTOMREADER.PKG (126 kb)

Canisbos Computing

Updated High Sierra DISK.FALCON.V.3.11.LRW.PKG {2728 kb} 1.12
Best! version {132986 kb} 1.6
New 10.14 VER.3.0.3.ENOLSOFT.PDF.COMPRESSOR.YL9ARE.ZIP {3364 kb} 3.0.5
MacOS version.1.1.Delicious.-.Emily's.Holiday.Season.aQREdI.pkg {145920 kb} 1.3
Best! version Organise_8.2.5_RXv2eQ.pkg {10547 kb} 9.2.4

| 111 kb | Download ALG v 2.2.13 CustomReader 3.2.11 Recomended OS X
| 130 kb | Free ver. 2.2.14 CustomReader GN7 4.2.11 Best! version
| 125 kb | Download FIK CustomReader vers.2.2.12 2.3.11 for OS X

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