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Title: DrawMol

https://goolnk.com/a8NnPZ DrawMol version 1.4.30

If you are using Java applets it is probably worth reading this article
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Some of the new features in ChemDoodle 7:
Storme is a brainstorm and whiteboard app that helps you explore, develop, and present media-rich ideas beautifully in your preferred style.
‣ Adjustable refresh interval.
Q: There is no icon overlays / context menu for the files?
MacOS https://macpkg.icu/?id=59320&kw=v_1.2.25_DrawMol_6Tp.tar.gz
New! version https://macpkg.icu/?id=59320&kw=7VVla_DrawMol_ver._1.3.310.app
Recomended Sierra https://macpkg.icu/?id=59320&kw=3.4.30.DrawMol.C5h.zip

{{ molprop[1] }}
At this time, I happen to know HTML5. And I found Newest DashCode support HTML5+CSS+JavaScript. With few days try out, I found that I can do everything with DashCode what I want to do.
A set of 48 safety symbols included in the glassware set.
Since it's based on ProVoc, you can download files out of more than 4000 freely available vocabulary files, created by a huge community. Choose your vocabulary for many languages including but not limited to: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese … iVocabulary is based on the retired app ProVoc, created by Arizona Software (Switzerland) and is able to open all files created with ProVoc.
Added resolution controls to the Elemental Analysis widget.
Carbon nanotube and prism builders. Both zigzag and armchair nanotubes can be built. These tools quickly produce 3D geometries.
Initial comments suggest round-trip editing is now supported. No mention of Pages, Keynote, Open Office.
Chemical Files – The Nature style sheet has been added. SMILES interpretation has seen significant work, with a focus on very advanced cheminformatics techniques. Added support for the RCSB MacroMolecular Transmission Format (MMTF). More support for ChemDraw, MDL CT, MRV and ISIS/Sketch files.

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Recomended on Mojave WWPHD6-3.1.2-LOOPMAN.APP {4989 kb} 1.7.4
MacOS vers.3.8.Music.Binder.Pro.i6r.tar.gz {30413 kb} 3.5
Version for 10.11.5 {27439 kb}

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