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Main category - Multimedia Design
Sub category - Video
Developer - OSbytes
Filesize - 20787
Title - ffWorks

NOTE: When you use user-presets for DNxHD, DVVideo, Prores and AVRP you will have to update the presets. - Rewritten from the ground up. - Fixed issue encoding to MPEG TS container. – Fixed issue canceling encoding with the latest FFmpeg daily builds. Exploring, Learning and Communicating with Wordle - 2008 - Improved support for .m4v containers
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Featured MacOS (24320 kb)
New! version (23489 kb)
Updated version (20994 kb)

Developer/Publisher: Damiano Galassi
- Updated French, Dutch and German translations.
- Added file extension to mov container.
- Improved chapter editing.
- Added general option �Always set Encode Date and Taged Date to current time� (enabled by default).
- User guide now works again.
Apple has published a caution about using ffMPEG with ProRes:
Chapter modifying – Add chapters with ease for MP4, MOV, and MKV codecs.

UXh version 1.2.1 ffWorks 1.2.2 MacBook Pro
Free Egc ffWorks version 1.2.7 1.1.4 Recomended! version
Software vers 1.2.4 ffWorks aCek 1.4.3 Featured! version
Get FFWORKS VERSION 1.0.7 RHMA 1.2.7 New 10.14.2
Free xIn ffWorks ver. 1.2.7 6.4.3 MacBook Pro
Update Lcho ffWorks ver. 6.6.1 1.1.2 Updated 10.13.5
Get QEIU 1.1.1 FFWORKS 2.2.3 Recomended! version

El Captan ScreenFlow.ver.8.1.vEnTT.tar.gz [57784 kb] 7.3
Updated version uPtOEl.PeptideShaker.ver..1.16.43.pkg [102021 kb] 1.18.39

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