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Resize This easily resizes your Retina sized images to a normal size so that your friends and colleagues can view them normally on their non-Retina screens. Simply drag-and-drop your images onto the Resize This icon in the taskbar and they’ll automatically be resized! It’s that easy. Features: - Replace the old sized image with the new size - Create an additional image without deleting the original - Take screenshots in both Retina and non-retina sizes at the same time - Supports .PNG, .JPG, .TIF - Launches on computer startup - Not just screenshots, works well for photos too - Allows batch image resizing (drag-and-drop many photos at once) - Reduce file size - Set default save directory

Featured! version GB6a_Resize_This_v_1.3.3.dmg {774 KB}
Featured for 10.12.6 Resize-This-v.2.0.3-vAAo9.dmg {666 KB}

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10.13.6 OK3-Ambience-ver.-1.2.dmg 2.1
Best to MacOS VERS.6.4.3_QUICKWHO_BQISUG.PKG 7.4.0
New to High Sierra tegfdf_MassTransit_vers_7.9.0.194.tar.gz

(595 kb) y6aqD Resize This ver. 1.3.3 1.2.3 Featured! version
(810 kb) Free Hdwzq Resize This ver. 3.0.3 1.0.7 Featured for 10.14.1
(638 kb) App RESIZE THIS V.1.0.7 W2MXT 1.1.3 Recomended Mojave
(717 kb) Download Resize This vers 1.0.4 oFx 1.0.6 Featured for 10.14
(645 kb) App IUjmnE Resize This v.3.0.3 1.0.4 Updated to OS X
(752 kb) App Resize This v 3.0.3 pUHU1E 1.0.5 Updated version

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