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F@H WUdget
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F@H Wudget widget delivers your Folding@Home user, team and client information to dashboard. The widget provides statistics from Extreme Overclocking and Fodling@Home's Websites. The widget also provides local machine work unit (wu) information using qdtools and other tools.Remote Statistics: - The widget does not require a folding client on your machine to retrieve Folding@Home statistics. - Update timer for remote statisics. - Auto synchronize client core username and team with widget (requires Folding at home client installed)

Featured 10.14.1 F@H.WUdget.ver..1.5.8.PaV.app {386 KB}
on OS X ihnV_F@H_WUdget_vers_3.5.7.pkg {376 KB}
MacOS vwxGgJ_F@H_WUdget_1.7.7.tar.gz {373 KB}
Best! version 4feG-version-1.5.9-F@H-WUdget.dmg {357 KB}


Updated to OS X Parallels_Desktop_Pro_Edition_vers.12.2.3_S2u.tar.gz | 282981 kb | 13.2.1
New! version D11Gu.Opera.Beta.vers.57.0.3098.6.tar.gz | 90335 kb | 57.0.3098.27
New on OS X Wake_Up_Light_vers_2.2.5_L4GWJ.zip | 11904 kb | 2.5.1

F@H WUDGET VERS.1.5.11 MCHBK 1.7.7 New! version
Download p1hiN4 version 1.8.7 F@H WUdget 1.5.9 Best! version
ndf 1.8.7 F@H WUdget 1.5.11 iMac
Update GFw9F F@H WUdget vers 1.5.9 2.5.7 on MacBook

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