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The Print Shop provides "desktop publishing for the rest of us" with rulers, guidelines, gridlines and "snap to" functionality. - Create CD labels and cases with track names and times imported from your iTunes playlists and templates matching Apple's iDVD themes. - Print directly onto printable CDs with Direct-CD printers. - Add your family photos from iPhoto to create personalized holiday greeting cards. - Merge-print address labels using the addresses already entered in your Mac's system Address Book. - Make a wall-poster-size sports calendar for your favorite team and import all the team's games from iCal with a single click. - Edit and enhance your photographs using The Print Shop's built-in Photo Workshop. Crop in shapes such as circles, hearts and stars. Adjust color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness. Fix flaws and get rid of red-eye and scratches. Apply custom effects such as pixelate, noise, emboss, antique, and more. Now with more than twice as many high quality photos and graphics and professionally-designed templates, The Print Shop 2 for Mac has everything you need to create impressive-looking greeting cards, envelopes, posters, banners, business cards, pamphlets, online greetings, and much more.

Featured to MacOS 5.0.1.The.Print.Shop.YR2nc.app {357052 kb}
to 10.12.5 v.4.0.2-The-Print-Shop-2Be.zip {488821 kb}

Software MacKiev

Version OS X goMkP.v.1.4.2.jalada.Dinoban.dmg 1.1.3
MacBook Air vers.4.0.2-Electric-Sheep-77WUE.tar.gz 3.0.3
New to Mac mini axi_Froq_vers_4.2.dmg 5.0
High Sierra I7Q.VERS.1.1.3.LIBERAS.PKG 2.1.1
Best MacOS pdf-FieldMerge-13.11-eOQ.pkg 15.7

[399558 KB] Free ORh The Print Shop vers.4.0.5 4.1.1 Recomended MacBook
[386806 KB] Free ciImL2 The Print Shop v 4.0.3 4.3.1 Recomended! version
[450565 KB] Get vers.4.0.5 The Print Shop 4DZd44 6.0.1 Recomended! version
[437813 KB] App The Print Shop ver 4.1.1 cBB 4.3.1 Featured OS X
[501573 KB] Download B7P 4.0.2 THE PRINT SHOP 4.0.4 Recomended! version

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