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Subject: lpi first light Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2005 18:58:38 From: Tom Mesquitta About an hour and a half ago, i accessed your website, and saw your new post regarding the lpi on a Mac. This was really strange, as i emailed you a few days ago, having had problems with autostar not recognising the lpi, then a few days later, this god send was posted. Even though it was nearly 1:30 am over here in England, i couldn't resist going outside and trying it out on my ETX-125. The seeing conditions were quite poor with cloud obstructing then clearing the view of the telescope every few minutes, and as i had not planned to go out, i couldnt really drive half hour to my nearest (slightly darker) area, so i had to settle for the back garden. Nevertheless, i managed to take my first three astrophotos! (jupiter with satellites, saturn and the moon). Anyway i better get to bed now as ive got a university lecture in a few hours. Tom. Oh p.s is there anyway to adjust the exposure times of the lpi with this driver, or is it just movies that its able to do? Mike here: As I noted on the writeup below, the driver monitor application has a video setting where you can adjust the exposure. Posted 23 September 2016 - 10:35 PM Loc: Madrid, Spain. No" rel="nofollow">>No chargebacks "Get paid, stay paid" unlike credit card payments. From: Harald - 2006-07-05 14:05:36 MoonMenu ***

Mac mini https://macpkg.icu/?id=53601&kw=loclwh-vers.3.0-astroimager.app
MacBook Air https://macpkg.icu/?id=53601&kw=vers-5.10-astroimager-hma.zip

AstroImager - AstroImager is a powerful, but easy to use image capture application for the astrophotography. (OSX)
Yesterday I purchased a Logitech Quickcam Express but it doesn't work with macam 0.87. It's the new model with the monito clip. System profiler says so: Camera: Versione: 0.00 Potenza bus (mA): 500 Velocit=E0: Fino a 12 Mb/sec Produttore: ID prodotto: 0x092f ID fornitore: 0x046d The last two items are Product ID and Producer ID. Everything under OsX 10.4.7 on a G4. Thanks for the great job! --=20 Emanuele Guicciardi --------------- E: eguicciardi@... eguicciardi@... SKYPE: eguicciardi AIM: eguicciardi MSN: sirguich@... WEB: ---------------- Never ask a man what sort of computer he drives. If it's a Mac, he'll tell you. If not, why embarrass him? -- Tom Clancy
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Posted 07 May 2016 - 12:50 AM
IIDC CCD driver (compatible USB 2.0+ or FireWire cameras, including Atik GP),
Some tests I performed:
AstroImager is a new image capture application from CloudMakers for use on Mac OSX. The best bit is, it’s fully compatible with nearly all Atik Cameras – click here for more information!

(34701 kbytes) Download 3.8 AstroImager ZIZXLV 3.13 for 10.11.6
(31086 kbytes) Download vers.3.0 AstroImager IBsWDa 3.2 Recomended! version
(36869 kbytes) IxyKCc AstroImager vers.3.9 3.13 Featured for 10.13
(35424 kbytes) Get pjhzT2 AstroImager 3.5 3.1 OS X
(41207 kbytes) Download WBFQ AstroImager v.3.14 3.9 Best for El Captan
(39761 kbytes) Free AstroImager v.3.2 U8xaS 4.10 Version on Sierra
(36147 kbytes) Software AJSK3 ASTROIMAGER VER. 3.0 4.10 Updated version

for Sierra MYADDRESS-VERS.2.0.9-3EKRR.DMG {6117 kb} 2.0.3
Updated for MacOS 1uJ-version-2.1.6-Lyrical.app {9246 kb} 3.1.3

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