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Description: Apparent Software Inc. 33485 KB Multimedia Design Image Editing ImageFramer

ImageFramer vers 4.2.3

ImageFramer enables you to create stunning frames for your photos quickly. Features - Apply multiple layers of photorealistic and artistic frames. - Adapt the colors and sizes of the frame and the mat for the best appearance. - Multiple variations for each image. - Export the framed image to a number of formats in a number of sizes. - 400+ included frames (800+ in the Pro edition), with more being added constantly. - Supports vector frames. - Standard/Pro Edition: Flexible textual and image watermarks. - Pro Edition: Frame Editor allows you to add your own frames or edit existing ones. - Pro Edition: High-res frames with supplier & catalog numbers. - Pro Edition: Commercial-use license.

Recomended! version LXE-IMAGEFRAMER-VERS.4.1.DMG {28462 kb}
Version on iMac Pro v.6.2.3.ImageFramer.olEPMc.app {36163 kb}
Recomended! version 4xa.ImageFramer.ver.4.5.3.tar.gz {36163 kb}
Updated 10.14.1 imageframer-vers-4.2.6-ch3.zip {36498 kb}
Recomended on Mac mini IMAGEFRAMER.4.2.IWWJTC.PKG {39177 kb}

Apparent Software Inc.
Official: http://www.apparentsoft.com/imageframer

for 10.12 HOME_DESIGNER_ARCHITECTURAL_VER_21.3.1.2_TUE.ZIP | 253531 kbytes |
10.14.1 VER-1.3-500PX-UPLOADER-ZFR.DMG | 1390 kbytes | 1.6

k2CKe ver 4.2.6 ImageFramer 6.2.3 Updated Sierra
Free hiRSa ImageFramer ver 4.2.7 4.2.2 MacBook Air
9SSd ImageFramer v 4.2.2 4.1 New! version
Get VERS 4.2.6 IMAGEFRAMER HGJ 4.2 El Captan
App ImageFramer version 4.2 cq9 4.2.7 Updated 10.11.4

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