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Using the camera of your computer, TieCam(former 'TieSight') makes it really easy to tie a tie. With TieSight you can see directly in your reflection how to tie the perfect tie knot. All you have to do is to bring yourself into the right position and follow the instruction which TieSight will give you. TieSight includes ten different knot types you can choose from: - Windsor - Half Windsor - Pratt - Four in Hand - Small Knot - Cavendish - Balthus - Victoria - Plattsburgh - Saint Andrew For each knot type TieSight will show you a sequence of sub-steps which you have to imitate in your reflection. There are three different ways for you to control when the next sub-step is displayed: - Control TieSight by noise recognition in order to have both hands free while tying the knot. If you are ready for the next sub-step, then just make a noise (e.g. a loud word, cough or whistle) and TieSight will proceed. - Select timer control and TieSight will use a countdown for each sub-step. You can configure the length of the countdown depending on your skills - Select manual control if you want to use your trackpad, mouse or the arrow keys to control the sequence of the sub-steps

Updated version TIECAM_VER._2.1_IOG.ZIP {15139 kb}
Sierra ujA.TieCam.v.2.3.dmg {15296 kb}
MacOS sKFR.TieCam.ver..4.0.dmg {12616 kb}

Claus Zimmermann
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to 10.12.6 gfG5L-AutoEncrypt-v.1.9.tar.gz | 5510 kb | 1.8
Recomended for iMac DBZ.VERS.1.1.63.WIMOWEH.APP | 4449 kb | 3.1.61
New 10.14.1 xCsvlb_ver._1.4.25_MacPCLtoPDF.dmg | 13306 kb | 3.3.25
Recomended to 10.13.4 Cupid's.3D.Valentine's.Day.Slideshow.Screen.Saver.1.5.02o1.tar.gz | 522 kb | 1.6

{13562 kb} Download JVJX1 TIECAM VERS 2.3 4.0 Featured! version
{13089 kb} Software 14Lfw version 4.0 TieCam 3.0 Best for Mac Pro
{15454 kb} TIECAM VERS 2.1 CAY6ML 3.0 Version 10.12.5
{14981 kb} Software 2.1 TieCam L3cL9d 4.0 Recomended! version
{17347 kb} Update ZBJ V 3.0 TIECAM 2.4 Best! version
{16873 kb} Free Ks8 TieCam ver 3.0 2.3 MacBook Air

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