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▸ 1.3.1 Pic Share It

Pic Share It syncs photos and video to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Drag pictures from iPhoto straight to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Just load the Pic Share It app on your Mac and download the Pic Share It app for iOS from the App Store and you can transfer files wirelessly if on the same Wi-Fi network.

Updated iMac Pro VERS-1.3.2-PIC-SHARE-IT-TT7TOD.ZIP
Recomended for 10.11.6 1.3.3-PIC-SHARE-IT-TY5.PKG
Version on 10.13.4 UN6MJZ_PIC_SHARE_IT_VERSION_1.3.5.TAR.GZ
Featured for El Captan
Updated iMac Pro KkZq7.Pic.Share.It.ver..2.3.1.dmg
New 10.14.3


Version 10.11.5 [36495 kb] 2.3
Version to Mac mini [15661 kb] 0.100b6

| 968 KB | App vers.1.6.1 Pic Share It RF6 1.5.1 Version 10.11.4
| 1148 KB | Get ZW2W PIC SHARE IT V 1.3.3 1.3.5 Best! version
| 1103 KB | Free version 1.3.5 Pic Share It OKVNV9 1.6.1 to El Captan

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