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FileStorm and FileStorm Pro take advantage of the latest advancements in OS X to offer a rich WYSIWYG user interface to create customized disk image files (.dmg files) for delivering software products via the Internet. In addition, the built-in CD burning capabilities allow the developer to seamlessly create CD-ROMs from disk images. The developer has the capability to easily customize the look and feel of their disk images with customized backgrounds, icon placement, and more. The fully visual interface allows the developer to see exactly how their disk image will look in real-time. Features: Create compressed, read-only disk image (DMG) files. Use custom background images and volume icons. Burn CDs from disk images. Protect disk images with password authentication. Set disk images to open after mounting. Automate the build process with AppleScript For software installations that require more than drag and drop delivery, there is FileStorm Pro. FileStorm Pro has all the functionality of FileStorm, plus it includes powerful tools to create installers which fully utilize the Aqua user interface in OS X. The installers can be customized with read me files, license agreements, multimedia files, and much more.

High Sierra FileStorm.ver..2.0.4.Da7iE.dmg (5101 kbytes)
Best! version HnFXG.FileStorm.ver..2.1.2.app (4341 kbytes)
Version to Sierra pvubsx.filestorm.v.2.0.5.zip (5101 kbytes)
Updated 10.13 ver.-2.2.2-FileStorm-qRDBIZ.zip (6241 kbytes)

MindVision Software
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Software key 2.0.2 FileStorm

New for High Sierra 2.101.HARDWARE.MONITOR.WIDGET.KWU.ZIP [253 KB] 3.97
Version for MacBook Pro VER.1.3.2.JALADA.BOSKONIAN.WCYC.DMG [61537 KB] 1.2.4
Updated version VERS-2.3-ROCKET-VPN-LRINTB.DMG [6063 KB] 4.0
on MacBook Air TWF.JUPLOADR.V.3.2ALPHA1.TAR.GZ [2583 KB] 1.3alpha1
Recomended! version S6fQS_MacFlatplan_ver_2. [5194 KB]

[6458 kbytes] Free 4.0.2 FILESTORM BI9 2.0.3 Updated version
[4450 kbytes] Software v 2.0.3 FileStorm WWW978 2.2.2 to MacOS
[4992 kbytes] Software nbJQE version 4.0.2 FileStorm 2.0.6 Best! version
[6349 kbytes] Update 1skJPC FileStorm ver 2.0.6 3.0.2 Updated to 10.11
[4341 kbytes] App NliTI v 2.0.4 FileStorm 2.3.2 10.11.4

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