on 10.14.1 ???? REGEX 2.2.5 where download

Description: Development, Editors, 2867 KB, MotionObj, Regex

◈ REGEX 2.2.5

Regex is a regular-expression testing tool that is easy to use. Features - Immediate feedback. Dynamic highlighting of matches as you modify the regular expression or sample text - Automatic escaping of special characters when copying a regular expression - Automatic unescaping of special characters when pasting a regular expression - Supports capture groups - Supports matching options such as case-insensitive matches - Supports positive lookahead, negative lookahead - Supports positive lookbehind, negative lookbehind - Supports backreferences - Fast and dead-simple to use See the regular expressions tutorial at http://motionobj.com/articles/regex-macos-tutorial.

MacBook Regex_2.2.7_uwCd.pkg
Mojave Oqr2-Regex-ver-4.2.5.pkg
on MacOS v.2.4.5.Regex.c6PRq8.pkg


for 10.11.4 LLA4H-AGATHA-CHRISTIE:-PERIL-AT-END-HOUSE-1.2.TAR.GZ (68536 kb) 1.4
Featured on iMac Pro ver.2.1.Precircuiter.HvCG.zip (4300 kb) 3.1
10.12.5 VER.2.3.SHINE.W2R.PKG (5575 kb) 1.7
Recomended! version CMZJHT.MASSTRANSIT.VERSION. (3391 kb)
Best for 10.14.3 v_1.0.4_Webpage_Capture_calEMV.dmg (87 kb) 1.0.5

{3125 kbytes} Free djSydO v.2.2.6 Regex 2.4.5 Recomended on Sierra

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