install Alerts you about outgoing network connections. for MacOS

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A firewall? No kidding, a firewall is not supposed to only block incoming traffic...
Does Little Snitch catch process injections (ie: I am currently running in EvilMalware, I open up Chrome, create a new page, write my code into it and create a new thread in it), or is it vulnerable to the same problems of Windows firewall applications before LeakTest and the like. The good Windows firewalls now are able to catch this kind of thing.
April 29, 2019
I've used Little Snitch a few times and have ended up just "always allowing" things because there's just so many network connections things say they need.
— Little Snitch (@littlesnitch) June 12, 2018 (Yes, I'm 8 months late to the party)

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A detailed traffic history of the last hour provides a powerful tool for analyzing individual data connections. Is this similar? I installed it long ago and when looking at it, it didn't seem useful, but perhaps I am completely wrong? Basically, "I want a router iptables configurator with notifications" Price: Glasswire follows the freemium model, The free version of Glasswire shows you which program is connected to which IP address. Although, the paid version of Glasswire has “ask to connect” feature, which gives you a pop-up when an app attempts to make a connection. Worth to try in my opinion, helps to prevent unknown apps to phone home Using little snitch to "Deny All except Safari Outbound" is exactly the same as working offline, except that your web browser now works. No Networks/Sysadmin/OS X experience required. By and large, the largest and most annoying culprits on my systems are the OS X system utilities doing background updates, syncing photos, etc.... Ironically, they are the ones I most want to shut down when I'm not on home WiFi. Little Snitch 4 - Download Is Little Snitch worth it?

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