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$rawVal = $exifTool->GetNewValue($tag); @rawVals = $exifTool->GetNewValue($tag); Inputs: My main goal was a tool to write gps data to my images as I photograph a lot inside buildings like Churches/Cathedrals and Musea (when allowed), which means that the gps functionality of my camera doesn't function. And sometimes you have already made 20 photos while your GPS is still not up-to-date or uses settings from your previous location. ExifTool 11.38 2. Delete ExifTool 10.11 application using the Trash exiftool FILE1 FILE2 ... > Posted on 2006-12-27 22:33:00-08 by exiftool in response to 3914
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R/W/C CanonVRD2, R/W CanonRaw 100% CLEAN Certification 5) The "APP" group names ("APP0" through "APP15") are used to delete JPEG application segments which are not associated with another deletable group. For example, specifying -APP14:All= will NOT delete the APP14 "Adobe" segment because this is accomplished with -Adobe:All. The ~/.ExifTool_config file may also be used to define new tags. For more information about the configuration file, see the sample configuration file included with the ExifTool distribution. R/W FujiFilm Tutorial 9 E copies extended attributes and resource forks (OS X only). The exiftool output can be organized based on these groups using the ‑g or ‑G option.

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