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This is a follow-up post on “Building a Real-Time Object Recognition App with Tensorflow and OpenCV” where I focus on training my own classes. Specifically, I trained my own Raccoon detector on a dataset that I collected and labeled by myself. The full dataset is available on my Github repo. TRAVEL is a funny drawing and coloring app for all ages! Reload the images folder. A simple and carefully crafted application to help you learn and 以下两个文件存在Python2 to 3 的兼容性问题 - Added in-app purchases of extra features for existing users.

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--train_dir=train \ --output_directory output_inference_graph With RectLabel, you can draw bounding boxes and annotate them, as well as drawing polygons and cubic beziers. It's easily customisable and should work well for most basic projects. It isn't complex to use, it has excellent user reviews,and the developers have provided clear directions. However, whilst very good for the price, it is quite limited in capability, and really does just do what it says on the box with no bells and whistles. Having said that, you can add some features with in-app purchasing, but depending on how much you need to add, you might want to just get a more complex programme in the first place. On the dialog, you can specify the API URL. Price: Free We would check the original transaction id for your payment and reset devices used for the Full App. To convert the PASCAL VOC XML files to the TFRecord file, use the code below. You can label the whole image without drawing boxes.

App RECTLABEL VER. 1.35 3M62LR 2.54 Language English
Torrent DDMQ RECTLABEL V 1.71 1.51 Version 10.12.4
Software DY9EM V 1.56 RECTLABEL 2.64 on MacOS
Torrent mqnVKU vers.2.27 RectLabel 2.73 Featured! version
Download KU9 RectLabel 1.99 1.73 on Mac Pro
Torrent 75BL version 2.10 RectLabel 2.61 Language Italian
Latest ver 2.18 RectLabel MC4Wrl 1.66 MacBook Air

Featured! version OPERA_BETA_VERS_60.0.3255.81_EAUD.TAR.GZ 60.0.3255.15
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