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https://tobiiiaas.blogspot.com/?to=aHR0cHM6Ly9tYWNwa2cuaWN1Lz9pZD0zMjk1MyZzPTRwb3J0Zm9saW8ma3c9QmV0dGVyVG91Y2hUb29sK3YuMi44NDY= BetterTouchTool v.2.846

BTT might tempt you to get rid of your screenshot tool, text expander app, and clipboard manager. The app comes with in-built options for all three utilities.
I reactivated my blog on and will now again regularly post there.
BetterTouchTool allows you to create several gestures for your MacBook's Trackpad, your MagicMouse, and your MagicTrackpad. BetterTouchTool also provides extra new features to Mac users like window snapping and window switchers. BetterTouchTool has some exciting features that make it very handy for Mac users.
Single-finger tap bottom-left.
So what can you make this button do? Well, anything really. You can bind it to a simple keyboard shortcut or choose from any of BetterTouchTool’s hundreds of actions. And if what you want isn’t on the list, you can always execute terminal commands:
How to permanently display the function keys for certain apps in the MacBook Pro Touch Bar (TechRepublic)

for MacBook https://macpkg.icu/?id=32953&kw=BETTERTOUCHTOOL-2.296-H5ZB.APP (22900 kb)
New! version https://macpkg.icu/?id=32953&kw=vers.2.710.BetterTouchTool.6zZCF.zip (20545 kb)

Serial key 2.846 BetterTouchTool

Slightly tweaked various Magic Mouse gestures to ignore accidental touches on the edges of the mouse
Maybe needs some time to get used to all the possibilities, but if you have figured it out, it will save you soo much time.
Single-finger tap left-middle.
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Maybe you need a little Christmas present for a friend? Buy him a BTT license! ????????
5 tips to make macOS more efficient on the go (TechRepublic)
- No online forum where users can interact to ask questions, exchange ideas / tips / presets.

{22900 kbytes} Free BETTERTOUCHTOOL V.2.876 Z5DEI6 2.405 Featured 10.12
{22258 kbytes} Torrent YAJK vers.2.708 BetterTouchTool 2.405 Version MacOS
{17121 kbytes} Full 1P4K2 BetterTouchTool v 2.620 2.754 French version
{24826 kbytes} Full BETTERTOUCHTOOL VERSION 2.856 MH7 2.800 to MacBook Pro
{19689 kbytes} Latest BETTERTOUCHTOOL VER. 2.405 OTZSZ 2.687 Italian version
{18833 kbytes} Update BetterTouchTool ver 2.507 2vHj8I 2.693 Version on iMac

Version to MacBook Air Cj0o8X_GoodTask_v_4.6.4.tar.gz 3.5.1
New Mac mini Guiffy-ver.-13.10-m0UF.app 11.9
to High Sierra FSNOTES.VERS.2.3.2.LGZL.ZIP 1.12.14
Mac mini GrandPerspective-v.2.0.0-DnAynw.tar.gz 2.2.4

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