how download v.3.2.6 TelepaText for El Capitan

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version 3.2.6 telepatext

TelepaText provides essential text-document editing, with extensive actions for text, research, speaking, sharing, and viewing, built for OS X, iPad, iPhone, and iCloud. Text-to-speech, dictation, speech commands, and speech feedback are featured in TelepaText. Documents are automatically synced between your devices with iCloud. A common display style and command interface is provided on both platforms for best productivity. The iPad/iPhone version is a separate app. Features - Easy actions for Find and Replace, Wikipedia, Share, Web Search, Map Search, Open URL, Mail selection or document, Twitter, Speak, Document Info, Sort Lines, Evaluate Expression, Move To Folder, Smooth Scroll, Select Font. - Share action includes activities such as Message, Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Sina Weibo, Pinterest, Google+, etc. - Actions toolbar provides quick access to common actions, also availble in a menu with unified keyboard shortcuts. - Many actions are unified on both platforms, with the same keyboard shortcuts. - Data detectors automatically find and highlight web links, dates, addresses, and phone numbers; simply tap for related actions. - Extra punctuation keys on the optional TelepaText keyboard accessory, extensive settings, and modern navigation. - Print options on iPhone and iPad include scaling options for font size. - File Actions and iCloud file browser including filename, date, size, label color, and sorting - Use iCloud file system and/or device local files on OS X and iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

Version 10.11.6 a4H7M.TelepaText.3.2.3.tar.gz {12277 kbytes}
New on 10.11.6 W4FGW-VER-3.1.1-TELEPATEXT.APP {11714 kbytes}


New on 10.12.5 {609 kb} 1.0.8
10.11 {496 kb} 3.7
New to Mac Pro {17162 kb} 2.0.4
Sierra vers-4.3-Monies-gE19cM.pkg {2728 kb} 3.7
Best! version {12272 kb} 5.5.9
Recomended! version F0W.V.1.0.7.HEXADDICT.TAR.GZ {4449 kb} 2.0.6

(13066 kb) App VER 3.2.5 TELEPATEXT 4CL32 3.2.7 on MacBook Air
(12728 kb) Update u68X 3.1.1 TelepaText 3.1.2 New to OS X
(11489 kb) Get GG97X V 2.4.1 TELEPATEXT 3.2.7 Updated Mac
(13291 kb) App VER 3.2.8 TELEPATEXT CD7Q8W 4.2.6 Updated to Mac
(12953 kb) App P6g0ec version 3.2.5 TelepaText 3.5.6 New! version
(10137 kb) Software TELEPATEXT VERS.3.2.2 HF58 3.0.2 to 10.12.4
(9799 kb) Update 3.5.6 TELEPATEXT JJJI 3.0.4 on El Captan

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