how install freecol 0.11.3 ???? on MacOS

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FreeCol 0.11.6 has an installed size of approximately 41 MB, and here is the output of equery s on Gentoo Linux (on 1 May 2017):
Gentoo Linux (package name: games-strategy/0ad), the latest and second-latest releases of 0 A.D. are presently in testing (that is, have ~ in their keyword field for both x86 and amd64).
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Sid Meier's Colonization is a turn-based strategy game based on early european exploration and colonization. It was first published by Microprose in 1994, and was later released for Windows, Mac and Amiga in 1995. It followed Sid Meier's very popular game Civilization (released in 1991). The new version of Colonization was released for the PC in 2008, and the Mac version followed in 2009.

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You can download FreeCol from Gamershell, which has been given a red light from McAfee’s site advisor, but only because somewhere amongst the mass of download links there’s a link to a bed site. I’ve personally never ever had any problems with Gamershell, and recommend you download from them. The file has been checked for viri’ and it’s clean. You can download it from HERE . There’s an alternate download site with four mirrors HERE, which has a green rating from site Advisor, but the download speeds are much slower. You can also download the latest version from Freecols home site HERE Platform independent installer Вы - лидирующий участник торгов по этому товару, но вашу ставку могут перебить. As soon as 50% of your entire population support the Sons of Liberty, you can declare the independence of your colonies. Your Monarch will not be amused and will send the Royal Expeditionary Force to quell the insurrection. In order to gain independence, you must defeat the Royal Expeditionary Force by capturing or destroying nearly all of their land forces and by taking back any colonies they might have captured. You do not need to destroy the fleet. However, you do need to maintain at least one independent colony that is on the coast and accessible from Europe—if the Royal Expeditionary Force captures all your coastal colonies you have lost. (Official) The Distiller’s House, which can be upgraded to a Rum Distillery, is used to produce Rum from Sugar. Once Adam Smith has joined the Continental Congress and the colony’s population is at least 8, the rum distillery can be replaced by a Rum Factory. To check how many Linux games there were available on Gentoo Linux, on 5 May 2017, I ran: --seed SEED Seed the random number generator.

App FREECOL VER 0.11.4 7BHNY 0.12.3 to Mac
Download FREECOL VER. 0.14.3 UIA 0.11.6 Featured! version
Software version 0.11.4 Freecol baJ1 0.11.6 New MacBook
Free version 0.13.3 Freecol W0RM 0.12.3 Recomended! version
Download K5lePt ver. 0.13.3 Freecol 2.11.3 New on MacOS

Updated for iMac V.1.8.2_INODEMON_FKYTFS.PKG | 272 kbytes | 0.11.2
MacBook Air gVEa_6.2.10_SharedPlan_Pro.pkg | 13500 kbytes | 6.4.6

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