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The Legend Of Rome v.1.0

In The Legend Of Rome you are the architect, you can recreate the great buildings of the eternal town to shine in a new splendor. Build a Colosseum and a harbor for the citizens of Rome and do not forget social amenities like constant water via an aqueduct or thermal springs. To fully supply the people, you can also purchase mines, vineyards and more. The more you progress in levels, the harder the tasks get. Buildings get more and more gorgeous the higher your level climbs. But never stir up the "Wrath of the gods"! If you do not manage to keep up with the number of magic symbols, your newly created town will be infested with plagues. Obviously, that will force you to start over. Move items to build triple rows. The credits you gain by that can be used to construct buildings or to buy resources. Constructions will give you certain facilities to help you upon your tasks. Use those aids to gather even more treasures, resources and goods for your empire. Even lesser skilled players can master the game-play, which is easy but challenging, through an easy introduction to the game and the adjustable difficulty.

for Mac EoK.The.Legend.Of.Rome.version.1.3.app
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Featured! version Vxfw.v.3.0.The.Legend.Of.Rome.app
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Updated El Captan iMenu. 1.3.0
Updated to El Captan Counterparts-Lite-v-1.5.7-BpD.tar.gz 1.5.8

| 46448 kbytes | App XAB VERS 3.0 THE LEGEND OF ROME 1.2 Updated version
| 67665 kbytes | Get THE LEGEND OF ROME VER. 1.3 W2DFA 1.4 Recomended to 10.13.5
| 53903 kbytes | Update ZKD VERSION 1.3 THE LEGEND OF ROME 2.0 Version iMac
| 51609 kbytes | Update KBHROE V.2.0 THE LEGEND OF ROME 1.2 Version for OS X
| 60784 kbytes | version 1.3 The Legend Of Rome VNG1 1.1 MacBook
| 58490 kbytes | Free NqJZQ 2.0 The Legend Of Rome 1.3 to OS X
| 67665 kbytes | Update Rx69U The Legend Of Rome vers 1.4 2.0 Best! version

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