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CRONoMeter can provide diet advice, track consumption and exercise, and generally assist in all aspects of a CR diet. CR (Calorie Reduced) diets require a lot of information to perform optimally. In order to restrict caloric intake, but remain healthy, users of the diet must track their vitamin, mineral, and protein intakes with great care. We aim to provide a complete solution to the CR dieter. Current open-source diet-tracking applications fall short in some vital respects. Either they are not detailed enough, or they suffer from critical usability flaws. We believe that a diet tracker must be effortless to operate for the activity for which it will be used most of the time, keeping track of the foods eaten in a particular meal.

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Updated for MacOS PYrmRO.version.0.11.9.CRONoMeter.dmg | 9535 KB |
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Featured El Captan ver-2.3-Readit-News-WaNa1e.tar.gz 2.4
New! version TnB_1.2_Recently_Used.pkg 1.1
on MacBook Pro 06O.3.9.7art.Alien.Pets.Clock.tar.gz 3.11
Featured iMac jcP-1.71-Vonage-Companion.pkg 1.61
Updated version VERS.5.9.10-AUDIOFINDER-TMG4.TAR.GZ 5.9.8

(10321 KB) Download SzqE CRONoMeter v.0.11.9 0.12.9 Recomended to MacBook Pro
(7864 KB) Free YP8wzm CRONoMeter ver. 1.9.9 2.9.9 to Sierra
(11501 KB) Update QDDK CRONOMETER VERSION 0.9.10 0.9.13 Updated on 10.14.1

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