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Find & Replace It! is a high-end solution to find files and execute search-and-replace operations across directories. It allows performing very complex batch replacements inside text files of any size. It supports regular expression syntax and dozens of encodings. It has scripting capabilities which allow transforming on the fly the replacement text for every found string. It even handles batch processing of the encoding of files, as well as of types of end-of-lines. Here are five key points of Find & Replace It! that make the difference with its competitors: - Handles more than 50 different kinds of text encodings. If your are stucked with some UTF-8 encoding, some Chinese contents or any others non ASCII encodings, Find & Replace It! is the solution for you. It also handles the different kinds of end-of-line. - Handles huge files. If you want to process any kind of dump files containing tons of text, like a log of 10 GB, Find & Replace It! will do it for you. - Provides a regular expression editor. This editor offers tools to easily build regular expressions even if you are a newby. - Provides a find & replace preview. The preview window gives you an immediate feed-back that makes easy to check the impact of your replacement within any file without modifying its content. This is especially usefull whenever you are searching for a complex expression and you don't want to replace it blindly in many files. - Makes it possible to dynamically adjust the replacement text. It provides three ways of dynamically adjust the replacement text according to the text found. For instance, it is possible to reuse a fragment of the found expression into the replacement text, do arithmetic operations on found text, insert the path or filename of replaced files, apply conditional operations on the replacement string (JavaScript interface), manipulate dates, etc. The GUI of Find & Replace It! consists of seven panes that you can arrange in any way you want. You can dock panes side by side, arrange them in tabs, or make them float. Adjust the windows layout to the way you like to work. Find & Replace It! comes with four pre-arrange layouts that can be customized the way you want depending on the size of your screen. You can switch from one layout to another in a simple click.

10.12.5 60FJSV.VER..2.5.5.FIND.&.REPLACE.IT.APP [22312 kb]
Best! version zbzqy_find_&_replace_it_vers_2.3.6.pkg [31953 kb]

dProg - Philippe Docourt

New El Captan fAdgi-ver.-18.3.-Kodi.pkg {73159 kbytes} 17.1
Version for iMac Pro dvdJ.Mask-R-Aid.version.5.0.5.pkg {3010 kbytes} 5.3.1

Free BEAJ VERS.2.3.6 FIND & REPLACE IT 2.3.8 New! version
Get 2.3.6 Find & Replace It 74zww 2.6.5 Best! version
Free ITGUB V 2.6.5 FIND & REPLACE IT 2.3.9 iMac Pro

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