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Picture2Icon vers.2.50

Picture2Icon is a little software tool lets you convert any type of pictures or photos to Windows or Mac OS X icon formats without losing any quality. Picture2Icon uses advanced resampling filters, what allows you to create very good icons from any images for use on your desktop. Create advanced icons with cool effects. It supports Windows Vista icons with alpha channel and new Leopard Mac OS X icons. Batch processing thousands of images.

Featured MacBook mSJ1.Picture2Icon.vers.2.52.app (2465 KB)
Version Sierra picture2icon.v.2.51.ud2ro.zip (2895 KB)
Updated on High Sierra Picture2Icon.v.2.53.tLHC.tar.gz (3096 KB)
Recomended for OS X Picture2Icon_v.4.50_fg4kO9.tar.gz (3039 KB)
Version 10.12.5 PICTURE2ICON-3.50-HZE.PKG (2637 KB)
New on 10.14.3 NQE-VER-2.54-PICTURE2ICON.PKG (2551 KB)


Version on 10.11.6 RtISG_version_7.7_Collins_Gem_Russian_Dictionary.pkg | 64104 kbytes | 8.5
New! version qxf.1.3.5.Tyler.Window.Manager.zip | 609 kbytes | 1.3.6
Featured for Mac mini tlfs.v.3.0.BETA9.PikoPixel.pkg | 1781 kbytes | 1.2 BETA9

{2436 kb} Update PICTURE2ICON VERS 4.50 QQQG 3.50 New iMac Pro
{2350 kb} Get ver 2.52 Picture2Icon 9mff 2.53 Best Mojave
{2809 kb} PICTURE2ICON 2.53 W18JAJ 2.52 New for 10.11.6
{2694 kb} App 2.52 PICTURE2ICON E7R2 3.50 New! version
{3153 kb} Software PICTURE2ICON VER. 2.52 SMQ6JD 4.50 New! version

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